The Korean Society for Power System Engineering
Vol. 28, No. 3

Journal of Power System Engineering

Journal of Power System Engineering is the official publication of the Korean Society for Power System Engineering.
Abbreviated title is 쏪. of Power Syst. Eng..
Since its launch in 1997, the journal has been accepting articles for power system engineering on undergraduate, graduate and professional level from variety of industry, university and institutional leaders. It is published in February 28, April 30, June 30, August 31, October 31, December 31 of each year.
All submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed by three reviewers. The manuscripts are submitted in Korean or English but the abstract, acknowledgments and references should be written in English. The circulation volume is approximately 900.
Manuscripts should be sent to the editorial office by the peer review system. The URL is where you can find the peer review system and full texts of the published manuscripts(Full text is freely availble from
The journal was supported by the Korea Federation of Science and Technology Societies(KOFST) grant funded by the Korean government.
All bibliographical indexes and data bases where the journals are listed: KCI ( kciprotal) and DBpia (